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About us

Thinking of Holland is a very special shop. The team of Thinking of Holland wants her visitors to bring home a splashing memory of The Netherlands. That is the reason why Thinking of Holland in her shop offers a surprising and eclectic mix of famous and yet to be discovered designers of The Netherlands. There is something for every taste and every budget.

But Thinking of Holland is not only the place to go for tourists visiting The Netherlands. Expats buy their presents here to bring home. Locals living and working in the neighbourhood of the cruiseterminal  buy their gifts on a regular basis. Dutch people come to get their business gifts. They come to the shop or they order online. This way there is an immer growing group of people, private companies and government agencies that we serve.

We hope to welcome you as a customer as well!

Team of Thinking of Holland


Ingrid Hobbelen is the owner of Thinking of Holland. Thinking of Holland employs a very experienced enthousiastic and international salesteam. Within the team a mix of several European languages is spoken: Dutch, German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and a little bit of Portuguese.


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