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Delft Tiles Static Cling Stickers

Product description

Create your own Delft tiles. Static cling stickers to make a modern version of Delft tiles on tiles, windows, mirrors and other smooth , clean surfaces. In the 17th century tiles were made in many Dutch towns, but the blue ones are often simply called ‘Delft’. Blue was used in imitation of porcelain from China, but the use of a single colour was also meant cheaper. They were used everywhere: in kitchens and cellars and to decorate staircases and fireplaces. Decoration included a limited number of corner motifs, but many central images: bowls of fruit, ships, landscapes, flowers and animals. With the stickers in this packet you can create nine tiles. Stick the ‘oxheads’, ‘little spiders’ and French lilies in the corners and choose a central motif for each tile. Ideal space needed per tile 13×13 cm. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Contains small parts which children could e.g. swallow.



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